How to use the RICOH THETA HDR app powered by Panolife

Step 1: Install the app

  • 1.1Install the RICOH THETA HDR app powered by Panolife on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for free download in your app store or at  Google Play.

Step 2: Connect your mobile device with the RICOH THETA 360 camera

  • 2.1 Turn on your RICOH THETA 360o camera. Now select the wireless network connection of the RICOH THETA camera on your smartphone or tablet and enter the password.

Note: The password for the wireless network connection of your RICOH THETA camera can be found on the bottom side of the camera. It consists of 8 digits.

  • 2.2 Start the RICOH THETA HDR app on your mobile device.
  • 2.3 Choose the CAMERA menue on the bottom side of your screen and select CONNECT WITH THETA to connect the RICOH THETA HDR app with your RICOH THETA camera.

Note: If no connection with the RICOH THETA camera is possible, please check the wireless network connection on your mobile device and try again.

Step 3: Connect to your PanoCreatorCMS account

    • 3.1 Select the SETTINGS menue in the RICOH THETA HDR app on your mobile device..
    • 3.2 Enter your login data for PanoCreatorCMS which you received from Panolife after placing your order. Now connect your RICOH THETA HDR app with your PanoCreatorCMS account.

Note: If the RICOH THETA HDR app is connected to your PanoCreatorCMS account, you can easily upload your 360º pictures and add them to your 360º property tours. You do not need to connect the camera to your computer by cable anymore.

    • 3.3 Choose MY TOURS to access your PanoCreatorCMS account in the RICOH THETA HDR app. You now have the following options.
      • 3.3.1 create new tour: Klick here to create a new 360º Tour and enter a tourname of your choice. You can also enter a property ID for internal assignment
      • 3.3.2 Select an exsisting 360º tour to view it on your mobile device.

Step 4: Activate HDR

    • 4.1 Choose ENABLE HDR in the CAMERA menue of the RICOH THETA HDR app to use the HDR functions for your recordings.

Note: Enable the HDR function to achieve an even better quality for your 360º images in terms of resolution and illumination.

Step 5: Create 360º images

  • 5.1 Place the camera at the desired location in the room from where you want the 360º panoramic view to be possible in the 360º property tour.
  • 5.2 Leave the room now if you do not want to appear in the 360º image. To create the 360º image press START in CAMERA menue of the RICOH THETA HDR app on your mobile device. Once the 360º picture is created, the camera sound appears.

IMPORTANT: If HDR is enabled in the RICOH THETA HDR ,three pictures are taken in succession and you will therefore hear the sound of our RICOH THETA camera for three times. Wait untill all three 360º images are created before you enter the room

  • 5.3 After the 360º image is recorded by your RICOH THETA 360º camera, it will be displayed on your mobile device. You can now choose between the following options on the upper right of your screen.
      • 5.3.1 name image: Name the 360º image (e.g. living room)
      • 5.3.2 delete image: delete the 360º image
      • 5.3.3 upload image: uploade the 360º image directly to your PanoCreatorCMS account. ( see 6.2)
    • 5.4 Name the 360º image and choose RETURN on the upper left of your screen. Now repeate the process for every room that you want to appear in your 360º property tour

Step 6: Upload 360º images to your PanoCreatorCMS account

  • 6.1 Choose ALBUM in the RICOH THETA HDR App Here you can view all 360º images taken with the RICOH THETA HDR app. The images are sorted by date of creation.
  • 6.2 Select the desired 360º images and choose UPLOAD on the upper right on your mobile screen.

Note: If you do not want to upload your 360º images individually into your PanoCreatorCMS account choose SELECT and mark all 360º images that you want to add to your 360º property tour.

  • 6.3 Choose a 360 property tour to which you want to add your 360º images or create a new 360º property tour (see 3.3.2)
  • 6.4 Press UPLOAD NOW to upload the 360º images to the selected 360º property tour in your PanoCreatorCMS account

Step 7: Further editing of your 360º property tour

A detailed explanations about how to edit your 360º images with PanoCreatorCMS to create a complete 360º property tour can be found in the second part of our tutorial:

Part 2: Using PanoCreatorCMS to create virtual 360º property tours